“I first laid eyes on “The Wandering Whispers of her Heart” on a photo stream online and I was immediately and magnetically drawn to it. The colors are calming and lovely and I admire the contrast of the abstract background to the intricate detail of the leaves. I knew immediately that I had to have this painting and I have never felt that way about art before. It spoke to me on a deeply emotional level and in some way just looked the way that I was feeling inside. I was so nervous to unwrap it when it arrived–would I love it as much in person as I did at first glance? My anxiety immediately melted as I unrolled the canvas. It took my breath away. I love having this large piece as the focal point of our living room. Every time I glance at it I feel at peace. I am now inspired to bring a new piece of art into my life each year that evokes such emotion in me….this will be no small feat.” ~ Jolene

“As the Art Program Coordinator at JAX Airport, I began working with Anne Oliver as the featured artist in the Haskell Gallery at JAX. Anne is easily one of the most professional artists I have ever worked with. During the application, review and installation processes, Anne remained positive, accommodating and understanding. I would highly recommend Anne Oliver for solo exhibitions at any fine art gallery or in other professional settings.” ~ Allie Gloe

“Walking through Chamblin’s Bookmine one morning, I was stopped in my tracks and pulled in to a painting of a beautiful woman. She had such character in her eyes, her coloring was warm and inviting and the texture was brilliant. I stared at her for a few moments, lost. I knew I had to have it.” ~ Tiffany Manning

“I was coordinating a fund raising event to benefit Hands on Jacksonville’s “A Visit from St Nicholas”. At this event, one of our many fundraising activities was a Silent Auction. Having seen pictures of Anne’s artwork on Facebook, I reached out to her in the hopes of her willingness to donate a small painting for our auction. To my pleasant surprise she donated TWO large paintings valued at $200/each and she was kind enough to bring them from Fleming Island to my office – downtown. Anne’s paintings abound with color and intricate detail. They are so joyful and engaging. Having met Anne in person provided proof that her heart and personality shine through every brushstroke. I knew that moment; I would be in a bidding war the night of the auction. True to my expectations, Anne’s paintings were a hit. Many bidders were engaged in the bidding war. I was fortunate enough to leave that evening with one of the paintings, which now hangs in my dining room. The way I see it, the money I spent that night was merely my donation to the charity we were supporting. You can’t put a price on Anne’s creative talent or her ability to share her joyful heart through her paintbrush…….that’s priceless!!” ~ Michelle A. Clark

“Anne Oliver is a force to be reckoned with in the art world. Her very being is that of total fire and energy.
Small in stature and yet larger than life, she takes a canvas into the world of beauty. I personally own 2 of her pieces as I was fortunate enough to get them before the rest of the world had laid eyes on them. I was moved by the vast amounts of colors on each canvas, the energy of the work and the flow which is dynamic. As I am also fortunate enough to know her on a personal level, I can say that each and every piece of her work contains love and a piece of her soul. Watch out world, Anne Oliver is on the loose!” ~Jennifer O’Donnell

“I am so happy to now be an owner of some of your wonderful art. I have it beautifully displayed in my home for all to see. You have become such an accomplished artist over the many years I have known you. A personal highlight for me was to attend your first official exhibit, Universal Connections. It really showed your immense talent. You have grown as an artist and I am continually impressed with your ability to express your feelings and thoughts so eloquently on those pieces of canvas. I wish you much success and fulfillment in all your future endeavors. May your works of art be displayed in homes all around the world!” ~ With love, Debbie

“Recently, I contacted Anne Oliver about a painting she was working on. My wife had seen it and fell in love with it. I decided to surprise her for Christmas with the painting. I have never before bought any paintings and I didn’t know the process. Anne was very understanding and patient while she walked me through the whole process. She went above and beyond to make sure this was the best Christmas present my wife ever received. She consulted with me about size, colors, framing, hanging and delivery. My wife was absolutely blown away. The painting is now the focal point of our entire house. Anne is both talented and very professional. This will not be the last piece of artwork we purchase from her.” ~ Aaron McCormick

“Anne painted us a beautiful portrait as a wedding gift that always makes me smile. She captured our expressions and emotions, and used the surrounding space to add her personality and imagination. It came out amazing. When my wife Jolene is traveling, I often look at Anne’s painting and feel like Jolene is right here. I’d recommend her to others for sure!” ~ Justin

“I had the pleasure of working with Anne Oliver in September of 2013. At that time I coordinated the Art Gallery at Florida State College at Jacksonville-Kent Campus, and Anne was gracious enough to show one of her collections for our students and the community. Anne was a delight to work with; a warm inviting personality, and a professionalism that made my job very easy. There is a lot of back-work that goes into coordinating an art show, from invites to show installation and reception. Anne made the whole process flow with ease. Although I no longer work in the area of the Gallery, if I did I would not hesitate to invite her back.” ~ Angie

“Anne is an amazing artist, she has painted a set of pictures that brings me such joy just looking at them. The color and style are so creative that they make everything around them look better. They seem to come alive on my wall. I plan on buying more from her as soon as I can.” ~ Debi Glasbrenner

“Anne is a very talented artist. I have known Anne most of her life and it has been an amazing journey to watch to say the least. Her art has changed over the years to coincide with the changes in her life. I am very proud to say that I have her paintings on my wall and never tire of admiring them. She is a hidden local talent and I highly recommend that you check her paintings out for yourself.“ ~ AN

“I have known Anne for over 20 years and she has an amazing talent for art and painting. Her passion is everlasting and incredible! She has done many paintings for me and I love them all! She is a great person inside and out and I wish her the best of luck.” ~ Wayne Warren

“I commissioned Anne to paint two portraits for me. Both paintings were gifts to and of my children and grandchildren. Anne kept me informed through the entire process with snap shots of the progress. The final paintings were flawless and exactly what I’d hoped for. I wholeheartedly recommend her if you have discriminating tastes and exacting standards. She’s a very talented artist.” ~ William Sims

“As a first time art buyer, I was a bit reluctant to even consider purchasing some art for my new place. Everything that I owned, up until last summer, was from big box retailers. Then my friend Anne Oliver posted some pictures of her work online. Wow, what a gift she has! I have purchased 2 works (so far): “Ashes and Wine” and “Fairy Tale: Abyss”! Both of these works are proudly displayed in my study, next to my diplomas and other treasures. Thank you Anne, for bringing beauty to my bachelor pad!” ~ Michael J. Harbin

“I commissioned Ms. Anne to do several paintings for me and she has been spot on with my vision. She is a pleasure to work with style, grace, and professional to her trade. I will be having more work done in the future. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Thanks again Ms. Anne.” ~ Sean Newcomer

“I am an amateur art collector who has been searching for a local artist to paint beach scenes. Anne’s name came up through an acquaintance whom had commissioned her for a project. I followed up and contacted Anne. Through messaging and a simple interviewing process she created my “Sunrise” masterpiece. It’s as if she read my mind! Absolute perfection! The vibrant colors she imposed you can almost feel the warmth of the sun! Incredible! A true professional who is going to go a long way with her passion. You rock Anne!!” ~ Curtis Wilder

“Britton, Brooke and I were just gifted with one of these beautiful pendants – thank you Nancy! Anne has added earrings as well. Different size pendants for any age – young girls to women…great little “something” for a birthday, Christmas or “just because” gift. Anne found a way to share her talent with everyone by taking pieces of her paintings to create this unique jewelry. Congratulations, Anne Oliver on reaching for the stars and chasing your dreams!” ~ Jena Welliever

“I presently have one of Anne’s earlier pieces that remind me of Picasso, hanging in my living room that I love very much. I am looking forward to getting one of her new pieces soon.” :)) ~ RW

“I ordered 2 pendants, one for myself and my daughter. They arrived very quickly and wrapped adorably. I have to say that the pendants were even prettier in person than pictured on the site and very well made. I may have a new addiction!! I love these so much and will definitely order more!!! Anne’s work is beautiful and can’t wait to order more!” ~ Charise Gonzalez

“WOW that was fast! I received my pendants wrapped beautifully Anne Oliver! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! You are an awesome artist! Thank you so much!” ~ Tammy Legge

“I LOVE my new pendant. I could not wait to open the beautifully wrapped box. I had to find an outfit to match the whimsical seahorse. I received many compliments the first night I wore it. It is lovely to have a handcrafted piece of art from a local artist!” ~ Nan Worsowicz

“I absolutely loved each unique piece of jewelry/artwork I purchased as Christmas gifts. I will be purchasing more in the future.” ~ Anita

“I accidentally met this talented woman on Facebook, and boy am I glad I did!!! I love her work, and purchased a pendant she made. Her art is beautiful! And I wear my pendant all of the time. Actually, I think it’s time for another pendant! Anne?” 🙂 ~ Jennie Middlemas

“Color explodes from the canvas; Anne has an eye for bringing color and negative space together to form a universe of shape and texture. I have worked with Anne in my capacity as a portrait photographer, her professionalism and attention to detail is wonderful. She made what I was creating better than I could have ever hoped for. Her exuberance is as bright and colorful as her work, I would not hesitate to work with her again and I am here for her if she needs me as well.” ~ Clinton Eastman

“I received a piece as a gift from my husband. Anne is an extremely talented artist who shows her passion through her work. The painting is vibrant, alive with color, and inspires me when I gaze upon it. We showcase it in our home and am proud to say i have an original. We have attended a showing of her work, I was amazed at the talent and versatility shown in her pieces.” ~ Jennifer

“Anne’s work is vibrant, imaginative and untiring, We were lucky to have her as a participant at the first Nocatee Art Show and Auction where her work was well received. Thank you Anne for adding to the beauty of our world.” ~ Geri Price

“Anne Marie Oliver exhibited her wonderful paintings of sea turtles in our Community First Credit Union, San Pablo branch. She was one of our first exhibiting artists in our new Art in the Branch program where we exhibit local artists’ photos/artwork. Anne’s artwork, prints and jewelry was received wonderfully by our branch membership. She is very professional and a highly talented artist. We would love to display her artwork again.” ~ Renee Berg

“I purchased a beautiful Anne Marie Oliver original for my home. I instantly was drawn to my painting; however, after receiving it and appreciating it in person I can sincerely say I was floored by its magnificence. The beautiful palette of colors that Anne used blended perfectly with my professionally decorated home. I had a wonderful experience working with Anne. My piece arrived perfectly packed and in pristine condition. I look forward to adding more Anne Marie Oliver artwork to my collection in the future. A better investment you will be hard pressed to find!” ~ Lori

“Anne Oliver was tasked with developing a logo for a business that I was starting. She did a phenomenal job with the task that was presented to her. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone looking for a design or art needed for marketing/personal purposes.” ~ James Starling

” I have never met Anne Oliver in person. I have been following her and her arts on Facebook for a while. My company recently opened another office and I thought I could use more artworks and inspiration in it. I contacted Anne and purchased the “Bird of Paradise” painting. The painting arrived neatly packed and pristine, with no damages. Anne pays attention to the details; in her artwork and packaging. Her color choices tell many stories in one frame. Each story moves me differently sometimes formulating inspirations, sometimes manifesting joy, sometimes flowing mystical sensations, and sometimes fulfilling wonderment. I love her work and her being. Anne is a true artist with real talents who’s pursuing her dreams, who is willing to display, reveal and share her emotions and talents to the world, who deserves more recognitions. I’ll be collecting more of her artworks.” ~ Alexis Nguyen

“Anne Oliver is a very talented artist. Admittedly, I know very little about art or how one goes about creating valuable keepsakes. What I am able to do is appreciate and enjoy a beautiful painting for many years that hangs in my house of my granddaughters at a young age. I hired Anne, probably around 2002 to paint a portrait of my granddaughters which has been a delight and enjoyment all these years. It has always fascinated me that she was able to create a life-like likeness from a 5” x 7” photograph! Anne is very pleasant, mission oriented and driven to create outstanding art. I have viewed many of her paintings and they all have that extraordinary appeal, but personally, none of them was as good as the painting she created for me. I highly recommend Anne Oliver for creation of your next special keepsake.” ~ Larry Lark

“Anne recently displayed some of her aquatic pieces at my office in the San Pablo area. They were perfect for our office since we are so close to the beach! We had many, many positive comments while they were displayed! The colors were so vibrant they brought our office to life!” ~ Scott Davey

“Thank You soo much Anne Oliver! I love my master, priceless piece. I can’t thank you enough for working with me to accomplish my dream painting. You Rock!” ~ David Wood